About Us

KC Malhan: Small bags, big design

 Life can be complicated and involved. Love can be bittersweet. But handbags are freeing. They express your mood and personality without a single word. 
Designer Devinder Singh founded the KC Malhan label in 2000. As an outlet for the talented entrepreneur’s design vision, the Florida-based brand offers customers beautifully crafted handbags and accessories with a fusion of modern and vintage styles. Every bag is handmade and features a stunning colour palate, intricate patterning and details including beads, sequins, and embroidery. 
The design process draws upon age-old craftsmanship skills from Indian-born Devinder’s homeland. As a brand with eco-friendly principles, KC Malhan uses natural, sustainable materials for many of its products. Every season brings a new collection with a renewed sense of vitality and fresh, on-trend styles.
Our handbags have been featured in high-profile fashion and lifestyle media including Brides Magazine, Lucky Magazine, O; the Oprah Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, People StyleWatch, Times of India and Redbook.
Handbags give you a place to hide your world while keeping it safe and near. They depict your soul from afar and open you up to endless possibilities.